Dead or Alive 5 I'm a Fighterの歌詞

Dead or Aliveとかやったことすらないけど、偶然聴いて気に入ったのでメモ

Dead or Alive 5 OST - Showdown

I just want a true love and true loving you,
even if it brings me pain, gives me what I want.
I just want a real love and real loving you,
loving you I just want to keep loving you. Dead or Alive.

Here comes the heat, cold blooded.
never show you weakness can be something that you may have uttered.
you know you can't outsmart us.
you like to press a button.
still struggling for a touch want to get out a club.
It's Dead or Alive, what would you do?
would you let the other ones crew you like the ones that use to crew?
I won't bow down. no one can stop me.

I'm suppose to it's a battle against my own shadow I kept steppin' up my game to get the hell out of sin curren.
endurance and we just weren't on the same page your arguments became way too occurrence. 

Love is power, however let alone it's re-sour cuz we can't be seen eyeing cuz it gets shallow every hour we won't wait til it just won't be.
we will not fade, we will not lose to a someone and it will not get in my path


won't let it en-fear me, this feat will preserve.
I won't let any fears get my nerves and try to steer.
correctly for fill tax. collectively.
basically peel the skin of fruits effectively and excessively.
destiny a little bit of pain in my life ecstatically cut in the years of my life and go dig distressingly
Hey, i'm living in the way that i try to live it the way i live it gotta be killing it
if i don't i'll be dead. 

sometimes it's not just forces born,
just determination just go for the opprotunity from next door.
pain is the war my thoughts my actions like nor.
 my faith is way to strong for then my steel's tensed off.

The day I lose to myself is the death of me which means that i stop is the day that I die deliberately. 

Still won't bow down, to you, or to me.


what i want is best for you, best for me. best for me is the worst gonna get to me get to the full disgust of villain.
I wanna call somebody for help. I have to I wouldn't hesitate. battlefield, ooh baby.

You must lowblow wick if you do a dance 'cept the math you know I mean.
we can both rise up, best believe in me.
best believe I Punch you flat to be you and me.